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    July 9, 2013
    5:00 - 6:01am PDT  

and also an overnight scare, another flight bound for fso, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, i am dave clark, it is time to check weather and traffic r. >> good morning, we have fog out there, we have thicker fog and high pressure is putting it closer to the deck. inland temperatures will begin to warm up. pgh it is not changing but we are 60s to mid-90s. over to concord, no major problems to interstate 06 nearby -- 60 nearby. it is 5:00, let's go back to the desk. we begin with coverage of the deadly plane crash.
today the ntsb is expected to release more information in a news conference. they are in the process of interviewing the four pilots who were on board that plane. we have team coverage and alex savage is in mill bray with what we are learning and we begin with katie where family members of the two teenage girls killed in the crash arrived overnight, katie? >> good morning, those parents are staying there and it is heavily guarded with burlingame police and the grieving parents landed a little after 11:00 last night coming up over the plane wreckage that landed here. >> easy now. >> an airlines representative is escorting here in the bay area. local media bomb boarded them
and he told korea he is coordinating events for the families. meanwhile the victims parents were ushered privately from the tarmac and taken to nearby hotels. on the trip to the u.s., one of the victim's fathers had a heated exchange with asiana airlines' ceo and a south koreaian news agency said the father was dissatisfied with his handling of the dis-- disaster. the told many officials from their home city and the 16-year- old victims were traveling from eastern china to attend a summer camp. they were excellent students and good friends. their bodies were found about a
mile apart. one of them eject under from the plane and the other was found close to the wreckage and may have been struck by a first responder vehicle. it may take a few weeks before they can say how she died. patrol vehicles are guarding the crown hotel plaza and again the parents of the surviving victims are expected to be reunited with their children. later today the ntsb will hold another news conference about the plane crash and they are in the process of interviewing the plane's four pilots. they are live in mill bray to find out what is going on with the pilots. >> they only needed 7 seconds purchase the crash. federal investigators are talking with them trying to
understand why they didn't react sooner. meantime, the wreckage sits here on the runway at fso until they continue to gather evidence and they had began questioning the four pilots. two of the pilots were interviewed yesterday, the man at the controls of saturday's crash and the other pilots will be questioned later today. ntsb investigators will be working with corian -- korean investigators. according to flight data, the boeing triple 7 was going 48 miles per hour much to save for a safe landing. they want to figure out if he was fleeing the plane manually,
despite a lack of controls at the triple 7, the head of the investigators are trying to keep an open mind. >> we will take as much time as we can to get the interviews done in a way that crew members are able to communicate comfortably. >> reporter: now the pilot did have quite a bit of experience with overall flying time but only logged 43 hours in a boeing triple 7. they will analyze the background and training of the crew members and find out everything they did leading up to the crash. they have documented the cockpit and much of the debris field across the runway and one key point reached, they lost power and the pilots will be
interviewed later today and they will be holding more investigations later this afternoon. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the ntsb is checking the amount of experience the pilot had and if that played a role just before it's target speeds approached the runway that is slower than the recommended speed. one runway me rains closed until ntsb removes the wreckage. some travelers who flew there have been stuck for days due to canceled flights. >> they are saying may be -- like i think he got a flight for tuesday but maybe it is wednesday for us. >> at least 100 flights were canceled yesterday and a notice
said summer arrivals were delayed it and a half hours. and oakland reports receiving up to 15 flights for fso yesterday. four planes were bound for fso and sent to san jose and that number is down from 21 on saturday. neither airport expects them to affect operations today. the man on 214 describes the moment he knew something was wrong. >> at that point everybody was screaming and i thought, this is not normal. >> he said that plane crash landed and he talks about how he helped other passengers to get out. new in pap pan, san francisco had to turn around and land. 236 passengers were on board as that jet returned to the native
airport because of a hydraulic leak. passengers boarded another plane which landed safely at fso and the hydraulic system is now being investigated. we have new information about apartment fire. the fire was early sunday morning at the hallmark house apartments. 21 people were injured including 3 firefighters and some of the displaced people will be escorted -- escorted into their homes to collect their belongings. they are protesting outside of the general managers. workers are asking them to return raises she has received while at the same time opposing
pay increases for workers. contact reports will be held or another strike could be held. that was quite a game, you didn't stay up for that, i hope. what time did it end? >> 12:43 a.m. i could not sleep and i woke up to get some water and i game was still on. it didn't end the way you wanted it. >> no. giant lost to the mets, was that happened there. east shore freeway, we keep looking at it but we don't have a lot of the visibility because of the thick fog in berkeley.
no trouble on the upper deck and also northbound 280 right through downtown that looks good getting into the valley. at 5:09 let's go to steve. if you can't sleep at midnight, you know you are in trouble. it is called atropical depression which is what you call getting on a plane coming home from hawaii, old joke, old joke. now point being some of this tropical moisture may move into central california and i doubt it but again it is falling apart going passed kabul and there is a lot of moisture coming through and now yesterday, this that are means high pressure is controlling most of the country and
zigzagging to the west and the western edge is going into the interior and it does not affect coast and bay and they stay right near 80s. napa is 51 and some locations are cool, san jose is 50 and fairfield last hour west at 17 and west at 21 and that sea breeze picked up a little. everything is decreasing and everything will be warm to hot and it will be for some inland areas. all of that fog on the coast, it is tough to warm up and lake tahoe at 49. the drop, another low, that begins a cool down. it was the last day we top it out and that's only well inland. again north bay, south san jose, about 88 and 90s towards morgan hill and gilroy. 70s and 80s on the peninsular.
there is really not much change, slightly warmer towards the end of the weekend. there were more than 150,000 inmates sterilized -- sterilized in state prison and the procedures were carried out without proper approval. and laws against a national security agencies and there is more about improper practices. >> no slow traffic yet, we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. ;
. the obama administration administration wanted the judge to throw out a lawsuit saying this would risk secrets but it was originally filed by a group of at&t customers and they claim the group was involved in warrantless investigations into u.s. citizens. the government has it's very first hearing today after edward snowden began exposing the security operations last month, president barack obama told the board to lead a
national conversation about those and they are among 16 experts who will testify at the day long hearing. he managed to live more than nine years without being found. osama bin laden shaved his beard and hid his face and had no internet connection and no phone and spent a lot of time with his grandchildren. they criticize the u.s. that killed ben osama bin laden. president barack obama is looking to not leave behind a small force as originally planned. kyla campbell has more on why the zero option is now gaining
more action, kyla? >> reporter: because his frustration is growing with ahmed wali karzai, their relationship soured last month after the taliban had talked and they talked about the small force that would be left in afghanistan post 2014. those troops would train afghan security personnel and now senior administration personnel is looking at speeding up troop withdrawal. it is becoming more of a possibility. we expect to hear more about this at a white house conference schedule today and then on thursday, there senator barbara boxer explains why when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. almost 150 female inmates were sterilized and it happened
without state approval. according to the investigative reporting, doctors carried out the tube ball ligation between 206 and 2010. many say they were coerced into allowing that procedure and each tube ball ligation must be approved by top medical officials. however, he said he has not seen any since he took the job five years ago. a sonoma state student said she was asked to stop wearing across around her neck and she may now leave that school. she was asked to remove the cross while working at a school event and could not wear the cross while representing the school. they apologized to her and they hope she reenrolls in the fall. and back over to sal, any
problems, sal? i was talking to dave about this earlier and it may or may not hamper visibility but you have to be ultracareful with that. >> you can see traffic is doing well and it is early on and by the way i should mention transportation officials bart and muni are not reporting any major issues. looking at the commute at the toll plaza westbound bay bridge, there is a little bit of a delay and i mean very little delay no problems getting onto the bridge, and if you are getting on freeways are clear let's it go to into -- let's go to steve. fog was up here yesterday, santa rosa, oakland, near oakland i should say and also
hayward on the final observation on that fog. san francisco is not changing on the temperatures and it is 67 today and inland temperatures are already starting off, 51 santa rosa, 52 half-moon bay redwood city says 60 and the sea breeze kicked up and now it is 21 and there is still a component of a delta breeze and a westerly breeze and unless you are inland you don't get in on a warmup. from ukiah all the way down to palm springs, we have an area of low pressure moving into the pacific northwest combines on the coast and they will start it tomorrow. today we have thick moving fog and it doesn't take long to
start bumping off those temperatures. i think we top it out from some of those away from the coast and we will start a cooling trend thursday, taking us all the way to friday and a slight warmup all the way to friday. european markets are showing some trades this morning and in the pacific region, it closed higher more than two two and a half percent and checking in on our numbers this morning, it looks like a pretty good start to the day and this follows decent gains as well. it looks like the dow jones industrial average and nasdaq and s&p 500 will start the day higher but we do have earning season now getting underway and allco was -- allco bash all cocoa why was the first to be
reported. they may see even more... >> then i thought it was the -- i heard the engine roaring to maximum and the plane was shaking. >> a bay area man describes how he helped other passengers.
. a man was sitting when the jet crashed at fso. ben levy was returning from a business trip to korea. he was one of the last people to get off that plane and took several photos and he said his instincts took over. firefighters gave him a yellow ribbon during triage and he will continue to wear it to the teens that were killed and all of the people that were hurt. as coverage continues, until you can they are unedited footage will be here and also we have some photos. he remains in critical condition. a spokesperson for randy travis
said the 54-year-old star appeared to be fine just last week but on sunday he was rush had to a hospital. he is being treated for viral cardiomyopathy and that's a sickness that attacks the heart muscles. a company responsible for the portable toilets with temporary fencing are suing and they have yet to pay more than $2 million to vendors and charities. that five-day music marathon which was stabled back in early may was the biggest event in history. let's check in with sal and incase you have not been outside, fog is an issue. >> it may be hampered in certain areas and if you are looking at some of the east bay or peninsular commutes this may affect you. let's go to the south bay
first, northbound traffic is not an issue so far in the silicone valley. and on silicone valley under sunole grade looks good. >> yesterday it was more clouds up here and now it is down here and it reduces visibility and it is very close to what they were, inland temperatures come up and there is more on the extended outlook, we will get to that. dave? the reason the new span will not open as scheduled and how much longer will you have to wait. we are live in saratoga, we are fearful of coyotes and more reaction coming up. and what the ntsb is focusing on in its
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. welcome back, it is already tuesday, let's check in with steve on the weather. be careful, some of the visibility can be reduced, 60s to 90s and we have cooler weather and more on the extended outlook, here is sal.
westbound 24, between walnut creek and oakland, it is moderate about what is usual for this time of morning, when you get to the bay bridge, it looks good, this is a look near the oakland airport, they are also off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. the ntsb will hold another news conference and investigators are in the -- are interviewing the power pilots. they are now telling us more. >> reporter: i want to bring you right now the chairman of the ntsb deb were hershman who is gracious enough to join us, you have interviewed two of the crew members, but have you spoken with the man at the controls? >> we had hoped to complete all four but progress is a little
slower than anticipated and we want to make sure they are thorough and we do have translation with activities taking place and we had hoped to interview the pilot flying. >> reporter: what do you hope to get from him why he didn't react sooner? >> well, there is a team in the cockpit and it is not just the responsibility of one person to be flying, monitoring communicating navigating, they work together as a crew and we want to understand how that responsibility was broken down, how they worked and what they knew about and coming into san francisco, what they knew about the airplanes and its systems. >> reporter: the pilot has very
little experience in flying a boeing 777 but how difficult is it to fly one? >> well, he had flown 747s but what we will be looking at is the transition training and for him to now have a type rating on a triple 7, how long does that training take place. we know he is in the process of getting his initial operating experience and you will have some simulating train being and you will have this in the cockpit train being but... >> reporter: you said the auto pilot was turned off, how long before it took place? >> the auto pilot was turned off about a minute and a half before the crash and we are looking at that and looking at what the crew was expecting. >> reporter: there is also something called an auto thrust
system, was that turned off as well? >> well we are looking at the auto throttle and they get navigation in lateral and navigation and thrust or they can accept rate them and just get thrust. >> reporter: how probable was it that those two systems or just auto pilot was turned off? >> that is probable. >> reporter: and the auto pilot was turned off? >> well, it can work safe live both ways. >> reporter: deborah hershman chair of the ntsb, we will send it back to you in the studio. also new this morning, the families of the two teenage girls killed in the crash arrived in the area. the grieving parents arrived at fso along with a representative for asianian -- asiana airlines and one of the fathers got into
a heated exchange with one of the ceos of the asiana airlines, he said he was dissatisfied with the handling of the disaster. they are going to formally item find the bodies. they have confirmed the victim's bodies were found about a mile apart and one of the girls was ejected and found on the runway and the other was found next to the plane. investigators are looking into the possibility that one of the girls was killed by an emergency vehicle. >> they are still in san francisco general and 17 patients are there around originally they had 62. six are in critical condition and 10 remain at stamford hospital and one person is listed as critical. lucille pack card children's hospital hazardous charged all
of the patients they received. they are asking for more blood donations and the plane blood -- main blood center says their supplies were already low after the 4th of july holiday. a personal injury lawyer is estimating 0 how much they will have to payout in lawsuits. coming up, even passengers who were not hurt will probably be awarded. the walk starts at 4:30 this afternoon and continues on beal. last week the college learned in one year they will loose their a credit takes. the school -- accreditation. they have been suffering from mismanagement and other
problems. coyote warning it is seen as a threat to people and their pets and janine de la vega is in saratoga with more on what they are trying to do to catch the animals. janine? >> reporter: i am in the neighborhood where there has been numerous coyote sightings and there have been numerous reports of coyotes roaming the area between west valley college and highway 9. because of numerous complaints, santa clara valley has set up a cage like trap to lure the animals. a female coyote gave birth to six pups and must be hunting to feed them. the habitat has decreased here and pets and people have been threatened in this area which is important to put out
continues to residents and they are telling people not to leave food outside and including trying to keep your pet on a leash and do not leave them outside and if you encounter a coyote you must be as intimidating as possible and make noises to scare them away. we definitely plan on giving you that reaction ktvu channel 2 morning news. the eastern span of the bay bridge may have to way until after the holiday season. it will not open over the labor day weekend as first planned. they need time to replace the bolts and they will repair the bolts by installing a steel saddle. more than 700 rods will have to be adjusted to keep them from cracking. officials say that work should
be completed by december at the earliest pam. 5:38, let's check in with sal. >> it is actually good, we are off to a good start, we don't have a lot going on although fog is an issue in some places. let's go out and take a look at the cameras and westbound bay bridge, there is already a bit of a delay which is on the left as you drive up. there are no major problems getting into sap fran, and if you are driving near the oakland coliseum tee yum -- coliseum, and again those low clouds are around the bay area and for more on that let's go to steve. we have a lot of low clouds, we had a hurricane and it is falling apart, there is nothing left of it. some of the tropical moisture,
some of those high and mid- level clouds will filther in -- filter in, we will keep an eye on things and if you missed it, record rainfall, they train thunderstorms over about 4 inches of rain fell, subway, 300,000 people fell and we will have some pacific to some warm areas inland temperatures will come up and this looks to be the warmest day away from the coast. 50s and 60s in livermore as well, moppet said 62 but downtown 58. 52 santa rosa and 3-year-old carlos novato, 52, southwest 21
and there is still a component of a delta breeze in place and fog up and down and reduced visibility in some locations. some thicker morning fog, a little warmer inland and they have been bumping up, 60s and 70s and 80s, fairfield, livermore pleasanton, gilroy, they will be in the 90s and we will start a cooling trend and even more so. probably ease being up a little on those temperatures by the weekend. and we have a controversial call made in san francisco by the former president of mexico, the reason he wants us to legalize drugs. i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and friends. cleveland victims are breaking their silence, what amanda berry gina dejesus and michelle knight want you the
public to know. westbound still looks good from bay point to concord, we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
. we have some thick fog, temperatures inland bump up to the much change coast and bay. here is a quick look at some of the top stories at 5:44, later the ntsb is expected to tell us more about the crash landing at fso. they are in the process of interviewing of the four pilots and they should have more information about those interviews at today's news conference.
the families of the two teenage girls killed in that crash are now here in the bay area. the parents landed at 11:00 last night along with a representative from asiana airlines. during the flight, the father told the airlines' ceo he was dissatisfied with the handling of that disaster. and those displaced from the fire in red wood city will go back to go pick up their belongings. several people were hurt when the building went up in flames sunday morning. new this morning, the women held captive for more than 10 years have a message. >> i am smart enough to walk through with my head held high... amanda berry gina dejesus and michelle knight. >> they posted a you tube
video, all three thanked the public for their continued support. ariel castro was arrested march 6th after amanda berry escaped. he pled not guilty to holding the women captive in his home. closing arguments are scheduled to get underway in the gang rape trial. they each face life in prison in the attack of a 16-year-old girl at a homecoming dance on campus. they found the plane in rugged terrain and they found the plane and the body of the pilot. the pilot identified is nichole wilson left from santa barbara
and it left during a storm. they now plan to retrieve the plane over the next several weeks. they shut down a major highway, formed the evacuation of a summer camp. it is burning in the town and it is used by a lot of people to get to lake tahoe in boat directions. it started when the wheel of a truck sparked some nearby brush. they are asking them to legalize not just marijuana but all drugs. total legalization is the key to saving the world. he brought that message to san francisco and it is just one of the messages on his pro
legalization tour. since this time 08,000 people have been -- 08,000 people have been -- 80,000 people have been killed. they plan on only and they need to work full-time and part- time in full positions and they can apply at car max / career. the official name in san jose changes today. the new sign is becoming the s ap. and the pulling was known as compact center when it opened 20 years ago and that makes the building the 6th oldest in the national hockey league. sal has been keeping an eye on the fog this morning, could it be affecting some parts of the commute? >> yes, it is moving around, pam and dave good morning once
again and it is on the golden gate bridge this morning and let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza and show you that is getting more crowded as cars are slowing down to pay the toll. they are moving through without delay and if you are driving over to the san -- san mateo bridge, no major problems right now, 280 and 380 are looking good, let's go to steve. record rainfall in toronto and just a massive amount of rainfall and they are much quieter and four inches of rain fell. we will have more coming up shortly and warm air aloft is squashing and some of that is reducing visibility. some of that has reduced visibility and after that,
inland temperatures will come off, napa, 3-year-old carlos, nevada half-moon bay, some of the temperatures far snuff out towards antioch, if it goes below 20 that is a sign it will warm up quickly and coast really doesn't changeup on their temperatures. fog for some cool for some, nice to hot depending on how far inland you are. starting tomorrow we will have a cooling trend and it will kick in to a cooling gear and we will have inland temperatures pop up by friday. about nearly half a million
pensioners are online and the largest public fun has a person's name, monthly grows pension, payment and some of that information is already part of the public record. they are putting their weight bind a company and wants to put it are into the business soft war.  he is the second largest software person making the company public. william lynch at mid--- admitted they failed in the tablet market. sales of the e-reader dropped 34% and his successor has not yet been named. fighting crime, catching crooks with the snap of a
shutter, they are opening a new app to help them fight crime with pictures. reactions from airline passengers who are flying in and out of fso and seeing the wreckage just lying there in the runway. look at 'em.
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. good morning, some foggy conditions, once it burns off, it will be warmer away from the coast, not much closer to it. you heard steve earlier, looking at toronto, canada, a severe thunderstorm cut off power to hundreds of people. they had almost 4 inches of rain and subways are also shut down, police and firefighters had to use boats to rescue people stranded out there in those waters. time now 5:55... >> i said to the pilot, thank you for the landing. >> passengers on flights landing at fso are describing what it is like landing safely on the area where the wreckage
was left. federal aviators will look at the cause of the crash as that runway remains closed. asiana airlines will pay millions of dollars to the people who survived the plane crash. even the passengers who were not pert will probably see million dollar settlements because of posttraumatic stress disorder. people who have serious injuries and the two teenage girls, the attorney's settlements will be based on lifetime lost wages, pain and suffering as well as medical costs. they are joining the if you see something, say something national safety campaign and now bus and light rail riders are called alerts they are using it to take photos of a
suspicious photo or crime and send it to police. it does provide immediate links to police incase of a medical emergency. and san francisco is raising concerns. they are installing 36 bathrooms for its operators and the relief unit would measure 18 feet and 30 feet wide. each would cost $3,300. and with groups of local businesses they will have operators to use their restrooms instead. you are watching the whole commute but you are watching the south bay. >> we are starting right now, 280 northbound commute into the silicone valley looks good getting into highway 17 likewise. we are taking a quick look at this, down path mission boulevard and that traffic is
moving along nicely all the way at the bottom of the hill. 5:57, let's get back to you. an overnight scare, it involved a boeing triple to asia at fso. the grim task that some of those families are facing today. inland temperatures, we will have forecasted highs in about two minutes.
. once again, it is a boeing triple 7 from asia. coyotes are roaming and we will tell you what fear residents have and what they are doing to deal with the animal. and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.